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Imams and reformation of the society

A Mosque is not merely a place of worship it is the centre where one gets first hand knowledge of religion and religious values and one also gets proper guidance to lead a life in accordance with Shariah. It is a training centre for the Muslims and it inculcates such a spirit amongst them that they remain away from all social evils. There is hardly any walk of life in which the training centre has no bearing. None can deny the relevance of the role played by our lmams. No person, organi&aion, institution or group will dare to do so. The mosques and the lmams are inter-linked and interwoven. These great institutions of the Muslim community, if permitted to play a positive role, can once again bring old moral and cultural glory back to the Muslims and prove to be an example to all Indians. Allah would help us in our mission.

All the social evils that are now present in the Muslim community are due to the Muslims being away from the mosques. Had they been to the mosques five times a day, things would have been different. The lmams tell the people as what is good or what is bad for them in the light of Islamic tenets contained in Ouran and Hadith. They can only guide them as to how they can come out of the vicious circle around them. May Allah give us strength and power to appreciate the reformative@ role of our lmams (Ameen).


Imamat (office of lmam) is of great importance for Muslims and Islam. Services of Imams are also required for the reformation of the society It is an established fact that all Musims have high regards for their faith, prophet, religious personalities, theologists and such other persons and they expect their guidance in every walk of life but the lmams can not meet these requirements of the common men without being properly organised. This organisation is possible only through mosques. It is what we get in the sayings and doings of our prophet. lmams have been called as Naib-e-Ra@ool and they have been entrusted with the sacred duty and every possible service to the Muslim society, institutions, organisations and parties. May Allah give us strength to have high regards for the lmams so thaf we may emerge victorious not only in this ward but in the world here after.

It is common knowledge that our ]mams are facing various problems now adays and they are in the state of helplessness. They are being exploited by Mutawallis, Management of mosques and wakf authorities. Even their personal dignity is at stake.They are in a delimma as to how they can bring up their children and get proper education imparted to them. It is the duty of all of us that we must consider their problem seriously and put in the best efforts for the redressal of their grievances and their upliftment. It is a matter of shame for us to discuss the payment of petty remuneration's paid to the Imams in lieu of the services rendered by them and it is, in no way, our intention to adjudge the quantum of the services rendered by the lmams in pecuniary terms.

It would, how ever, not be out of place to mention here that an lmam is also human being and a member of our society. he has to lead a proper life like others. He also.faces the same problems which persons representing other walks of life do face. In this peculiar situation there is no harm in reconsidering the standards by which our lmams are being treated and paid at present.


Welfare of the community rests solely with ]mams and they are required to play a more effective role. All of us can very well watch that our lmams are playing same role in all walks of life and even national affairs such as national unity, communal harmony, common brotherhood, grant of equal rights to all, development of the country and prosperity of the nation, political affairs. Thus, there is hardly any sphere of the society in which our lmams have no say.


Mutual harmony and proper co-ordination amongst various denominations, groups, organisations and parties is possible only through promotion of positive tendencies and establishment of healthy traditi'ons. Our lmams can, undoubtedly, play a positive role. They can inculcate the spirit of mutual understanding and tolerance in the minds of people by laying more emphasis on the acts and deeds of our prophet. It is essential for peace and prosperity of the country and the nation for further development of moral values.


It is one of the fundamental teachings of Islam that we must maintain peace and treat all the human beings at par irrespective of their religion, caste, colour, creed as also region.Thus, there is no place for groupism, regionalism and racial discrimination in Islam and our mosques and their Imams have to extend the message of national unity to one and all. Our lmams have to play a more effective role for the accomplishment of these objectives. Islam has placed before the whole world must recognise principles of unity amongst human beings and it may not be possible for us to get better precedent. There is no room for narrow mindness and narrow outlook in Islam. In Islam, paramount importance has been given only to abstinence and piety. We may attain proper unity amongst community through such methods.


Progress and development of any nation and community depends u.pori positive outlook of the people. The people and the society are like a state and the lmam- is like a teacher holding a chalk in his hand as also a duster for rubbing and simultaneously enjoying the right of re- writing. It is a matter of prideand dignity for lmams that they are required to play such an important role. It is his sole right and none can be his subsitute.


A nation looses its dignity the day it is divided amongst groups and sub groups. If it develops rather re-develops national approach to think, individuality becomes secondary and unity get precedence over it. Such, a situation may lead a nation or a country to any heights. Thus, the present situation warrants that the I mams must play more positive role so that the people may appreciate and acknowledge the service rendered by them and the country as the nation, may remain united.


It is an established fact that a Muslim can not adopt any system of government which is based on falsehood. How ever, it is his duty to make struggle for uprooting a government based on falsehood. However, if we the Muslims are the citizens of a country in which our honour and properties are protected and we are at liberty to profess and propagate our religion and manage our religious institution and organisation without any interference from any quarter then it is the duty of every Muslim to be loyal to the country, extend all possible help to the government. He must prove himself to be a living embodiment of true patriotism through his exemplary acts and deeds.

In a secular country like India, where every citizen, group, organisation and party has the freedom to establish its own institution, lmams can also play very important role in promoting the cause of patriotism and inculcating such spirit in the minds of Muslims.


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