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Respected Maulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi Sb.
Assalam-o-alaikum wa rehmatullah-e-wa-babarakatahu,

I feel very happy at my heart after knowing that you are making efforts for increasing the salaries of lmams on behalf of you rTanzim-e'Aimma. May God give you success. Your demand that the salaries of lmarns who have completed their course from a religious institution should not he less than Rs. 2000/- and the 1mams who have not received the education received from a religious school be minimum Rs.1000/- is a reasonable one.

In this period when the prices of commodities are so high even the salary or Rs. 2000/- is less for a Faazil. It should increase as per the dearness.The income of thewakf Boards is quite sufficient every where. The govt. and the Mutawalli should accept this demand of Aimma-e- Masjid. Humanity also demands that the salaries of fmams should be higher so that they could perform their duties peacefully and sincerely and be able to educate their. children properly.

Mohammed Zafaruddin,
Mufti, Darul Uloom, Deoband,
21, Safar, 1410 Hijri.

Respected Maulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi Sb.

The great service done 'by the pious class of the imams of mosques during last 1400 yeas for Islamic community has resulted in the expansion of Islam all over the world. There are lakhs of fmams in India who are spreading he teachings of Islam continuously from the mosques. But is it is a matter of concern that inspite of this great service by this class, the reward, they are getting is nothing and their present salary structure is very shameful.

It was the duty of Muslims to realise the financial problems of their lmams and solve them. But unfortunatelythe financial problems of these lmams are hanging in the air in this period of dearness. I wished since a very long-time that the lmams should come forward for establishing an association and the leaders of community should solve their problems themselves.

Thanks to God, that Maulana Alhaj Jameel Ahmed llyasi formed an association of lmams on All India level and is making efforts to get rid from the oppressed condition of lmams. In September, the said Maulana had come to see me in the regard and let me know about the purposes of Kul Hind Tanzim Aimma-e-Masjid and made suggestion to raise the salary of lmams upto Rs. 20001- 1 Prayer to God for the success of Maulana in this pious deed and all he imams corroborate the steps taken by Maulana.

Moulana Anzar Shah Qasmi
Wakf Darul Uloom Deoband.

Maulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi,
Chairman, Kul Hind Tanzim, Aimma-e-Masjid

For education, training and the development of a community it is essential that mental and ideological progress of the youth of the community may be carried out and it will be the guarantee for their prosperous future. They should come in contact with persons who re high mind and self possessed and possess devotion to the nation.They should be brought up under their supervision. Competent and genius personalities can be made available only when they are well to do and have no tension regarding their bread etc.

It is a fact that if some mosques of a mohalla happened to have a competent and genius scholar Who can pass on his knowledge to his disciples, he can bring the welfare and reform for the entire locality.

Let me congratulate most respected Maulana Jameel Ahmed llyasi, the Chairman of Tanzim Aimma-e-Masjid who realised and understood this need and started a movement for making the food etc. Easily available to the scholars and fmams and struggled for the maximum salary Of the Imam. The teachers should be competent and learned personalities so that the entire society may progress and mental and ideological senses of the children may awakened. They m-ay lead the society in all spheres. I pray to God for the success of this movement. May God help you for going on with your efforts and keep you united.

Al-Haj Moulana Mohd. Salim,
Reader, Darul Uloom Deoband - Saharanpur

Maulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi,
Chairman, Kul Hind Tanzim, Aimma-e-Masjid

Dear respected Athai Maulana Jameel Ahmed llyasi Sb.

Salam Masnoon,
I am glad to learn that you are initiating a solid and disciplined movement for the betterment of Imams on an All India level on behalf of your Tanzim Aimma-e-Masjid. There is no doubt in the past also you have successfully worked for better salaries and other facilities for the Deihi lmams and one should be grateful and thankful to you. Now God will certainly give you success in achieving you goal on All India level for which you are making sincere efforts. My good wishes, favour and all possible expectation shall always remain with you.

Sincerely yours,

Hazrat Maulana Abdullah Mugheese Ajrardi,
Mohtamim, Madarsa Gulzar Husainiya,
Ajrarda, Distt. Meerut, U.P.

Respected Maulana llyasi Sb., Assalam-o-ataikum,

By the grace of God 1 am quite well here and hope of 1the same for you. I rang up you on 25th and 26th safar-ui-Muzaffar(islamic calendar but unfortunately 1 could no talk to you on both the occasion. Next day Maulana Basheer Ahmed informed that you are so busy in the affairs of Tanzim th at you are not taking care for day or night. For which we are, thankful to you.

aulana also showed me the newspapers clearly indicating the efforts made by you and your friends. The notice you have issued has been received at the newspapers clearly indicating the efforts made by your and your friends. The notice you have issued has been received at the office o Punjab Wakf Board. Hearing about this we all the lmams of Punjab.Wakf Board are feeling very happy and all the lmams of Punjab Board are fully ready to support your and 1 will intimate you in near future and request you to come personally and feel the opinion of lmams.
If you propose some date we may go ahead with the signature on Wakalatnama after calling the 1 ma'ms here or in the alternative you are requested to send a book of Wakalatnama.


Moulana Saghir Ahmed,
Madarsa Nusrat-Ul-Islam
Farashkhana, Delhi

Respected Maulana Jameel Ahmed llyasi,
Chairman, Kul Hind Tanzim Aimma-e-Masajid,

Salam Masnoon,
I am glad to learn that you are making cireat efforts for the monthly salaries and other facilities of the lmams of various mosques. God may bless you with happiness.

Attention should also be paid to he depressed position of Muazzins alongwith the lmams. You are requested to include it also if think proper otherwise this matter should be taken later on.

The salaries o the lmams should be fixed according to their qualifications and their dependents. Further the salary of the lmam should be to his satisfaction so that he should not be grateful to others in the matter of his livelihood. I pray to God or your success in these efforts.

Sincerely yours,

(Alhaj Maulana Mufti) Mohd. Mukarram Ahmed,
Shahi Imam, Masjid Fatehpuri, Delhi.

Respected Maulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi,
Chairman, Kul Hind Tanzim Aimma-e-Masajid,

I am aware about your personality and sincere efforts for the betterment of the 1mams of mosques from the very'first day when 1 settled in. Delhi. The manner in which you are trying to revive the greatness and sanctity of lmams, is very praise worthy. The role you have played in this critical time as a Chairman bf-Masajid Committee, Delhi Wakf Board for increasing the salaries of Delhi Imams from Rs. 70/- Rs. 500/- is again praise worthy Now while remaining in Central Wak.f Counciii to organise this movement of the community on all India level and challenge the present government constitutionally will create so many obstacle in yourwayfrom political point of view. You will definitely face so many problem in this regard.

But every one in this world has to face problems. Some people while remaining stuck to their principles bear the difficulties Whereas others diplomatically compromise with the world and get defeated. The former category possess self confident whereas the other locks it. One should not deviate from the principles for the sake of policy. He should come forward what he thinks. If one speaks as per his feelings, his decision satisfies him at later stage and if not, at that very juncture. If there is balance between tongue and heart then he life goes peacefully In this way man not only gets confident rather he shows self confident in all corners.Then such people do not get any harm forany misunderstanding rather their enemies also respect them.
A and my other friends have all sympathies with you and will continue to have the same.

Yours sincerely,

Al-Haj Peer-e-Tariquat
Moulana Mufti, Mohd. Miyan 'Samar' Delhi

Respected Maulana Jameet Ahmed Ilyasi,
Chairman, Kul Hind Tanzim Aimma-e-Masajid,
All India organisation of lmams of Mosques.

You have taken a very nice step regarding the salaries of lmams of Mosques and it is really praise-worthy. Earlier also you took a similar step in this respect in the capacity of Chairman, Masajid Committee, Wakf Board and got the salary of Rs. 500/- sanctioned. of the lmams of mosques For that the lmams are very grateful to you. Today when you are not posted as the Chairman, you are taking pains for the betterment of Imams after feeling their necessities during this time. You have demanded Rs. 2000/- P.M. as salary for them from the Wakf Board. To some extent you have also succeeded in this purpose.

pray to God for your success. I alongwith other scholars and teachers, am with you with my person and money and whatever I have to my credit. Although this step may shake the feelings of Hundreds of constants and may disturb the great intention, but by the grace of God you have been given the strength to bear all the difficulties in your way. You will go ahead to your, destination gradually. Your efforts will certainly come true one day. May God. accept your hard eftorts and prosper you with sincerity in your efforts for the revival of prestige of Imams, scholars and teachers are praise-worthy. We all pray for you success.

Hafiz Al-Haj Moulana Manatullah Rehmani
Bani, Personal Law Board,
Darul Uloom Nadwa, Amire-Shariat, Bihar

Maulana Jameel Ahmed llyasi,
Chairman, Kul Hind Tanzim, Aimma-e-Masjid

The Steps taken by Maulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi for enhancement of Salaries of Imams to a great extent, is praise worthy. It is the reality what word 'Imam' expresses does not find place practically. The status of Imam requires peace of mind and self sufficiency. The status of a highly qualified Imam who alongwith the art of reciting has the authority over the matters relating to religion will certainly be greater than an ordinary Qari or Hafiz. So the Imams holding a degree or certificate should get proportionately more salary. In this respect it would be proper if grade of a particular kind are fixed, so that the Imams may get promotion gardually with the passage of time and the Imams may avoid requesting for more salary from time to time. Minimum salary of Rs. 2000/- for the Imams holding a degree or certificate and Rs. 1000/- for non-certificate holders as fixed by Maulana is reasonable. It would be better if grades are also fixed therein.

May, Maulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi be successful in his holy mission (Ameen). I strongly support the efforts which are going made to move to Supreme Court for claiming the rights for the Imams of mosques.


Mufti Jameel-ur-Rehman
Mohtamim, Madarsa Ameenia
Kashmiri Gate, Delhi

Respected Maulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi,
Chairman, Kul Hind Tanzim Aimma-e-Masajid,
All India Organisation of Imams of Mosques.

The efforts of Maulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi, Chairman, Kul Hind Tanzim Aimma-e-Masajid for reasonably increasing the salaries of the Imams of Mosques in order to make their financial condition better and making their salaries capable to meet their expenses, are praise worthy. God may give success in these efforts.

The reality is that the salaries of Imams are too meagre to be stated. Unfortunately attention was not paid to the depressed condition of Imams rather this problem was avoided. As a result these problems go on increasing and to pass their days in the present salary is impossible.
All the administrators of Mosques and Wakf Boards are requested to consider the depressed conditon of Imams sympathetically and take immediate steps after paying special attention so that they while maintaining peace of mind, may perform their duties properly. Uni 1ty among the 1mams shall play in important role for successful execution of the efforts of Maulana Jameel Ahmed ilyasi Sb. So the unity among them is very essential and demand of tirne. May God solve our problems and give success to those.persons where making efforts for a good cause.

Hazrat Maulana Abdul Ghaffar,
Mohtamim, Madarsa Aaliya,
Fatehpuri, Delhi.

Respected Maulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi,

Your successful efforts for the lmams of mosque are quite praise worthy The office of lmamship is very sensitive office. lmams at the time of I mamat must have peace of Mind and world is a house of motives. If the lmam is a victim if poverty and miseries then it is natural that he can not have mental peace. Without going in details 1 would like to mention than earlier also you made successful efforts and 1 pray to God for your success in the case your are fighting for.

We extend our full co-operation to you for making efforts regarding the salaries o lmams of mosques. May God give you success in your purpose with full dignity and take the full benefit of the prayers being made all the lmams and scholars God may also give you success in the Supreme Court and your demands may be fulfilled.

Hazrat (Maulana) Shamim Qasmi,
Head Mudarris, Madarsa Hussain Bakhsh,
Jama Masjid. Delhi.

Dear Maulana llyasi,

Maulana Jameel Ahmed llyasi, for the first time in the history, has started the movement of the lmams of mosques for their interests and rights. No question has been raised for the welfare and rights of the lmams and Muazzins of the mosques. This is the.reason as to why this class has been depressed and oppressed.

During the time of caliphs, their rights were determined by the state. In those days they have the respect and their superiority used to be sacrificed. But after the period o Caliphs (Islamic) the Jmams of the mosques began to be considered as poor and helpless, although they are inevitable for Islamic community. Prayers can not take place in the form of assembly in their absence. It is the need of the hour that their superiority may again be revived.

One should be thankful to Maulana Jameei Ahmed llyasi, who is running this great movement. May God give him success in this purpose.

Mohatamim Madarsa
Abdul Rab, Delhi

Respected Maulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi,
Chairman. Kul Hind Tanzim Aimma-e-Masajid,


It is a matter of great pleasure to learn that you are making sincere efforts for the lmams Khateeb and Muazzins. 1 Pray to God to accept all these sincere efforts. Keeping in view the high prices of commodities, you have fixed reasonable grades for the Imams and Khateebs.

In this way the prestige of our scholars. I mams and Khateebs may be revived. The need of this movement was being felt since long. But the God wanted you to do this job at the appropriate time. You have the intention to move to the High Court in this respect. May God accept all of your efforts and give you success.

I suggest that special attention may be given to the poor condition of Muazzins. Further an annual increment may also be fixed for the employees of mosques, so that they may not apply for increase after year.


Abdul Mannan S/o, Abdul Salam Bastavi
Nazim-e-Aala, Madarsa Riaz-ul-Uloom,

Dear Maulana Ilyasi,

I have gone through the report of All India Organisation of lmams of Masajid which explains the problems facing the lmams and the propose solution and demands.
I believe that these demands are quite just and proper for improving the living condition of these lmams.

1 fully support you seven point programme in this respect. May God help overcome all these problems and bestow success upon you in your sincere efforts.

Sd. Yaqub Ahmed Dasnawi.
EDGAH ROAD, BHARUCH 39001 (Gujrat, India)

Respected Maulana Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi,
Chairman, Kul Hind Tanzim Aimma-e-Masajid,

Maulana Jameel Ahmed llyasi has formed the All India Organisa of the lmams of Masajid@ which is actively engaged since 197, commendable efforts in the field of improving the living condition of the lmams and other staff as well as the protection of Masajid and graveyards.

Having gone through its aims and objectives. 1 am fully convinced that it is a very important organisation specially in the present situation. I fully support the idea'of taking legal action of order to ensure that the properties of Auqaf are utilised for the purposes which they are actually meant for. 1 strongly appeal to all f riciids to extend their full co-operation to these efforts.

May God almighty accept his sincerer efforts and bestow upon him total success in achieving the aims of the organisation.

Hazrat Moulana Alhaj Sd. Saud Ahmad,
Mohtamim & Amir-e-Shariat,
Karnataka State

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