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Islam is the religion of peace

Islam is not merely a faith but is a complete code of life professing and practicing of which makes it easier for us to shape our life and manage our affairs in the most suited manner whatever walks of life may be, be it day to day affairs, economic, commercial, political, social and industrial or such other matters. A true study of Islam would provide us with all basic principles covering all the relevant fields. If we proceed on the strength of basic tenets of Islam we can shape and, reshape a new world, order devoid of anarchy, aggression, terrorism, apartheid and such other evils. These principles also provide succour to the oppressed and the weaker section of the society. A true MOMIN is one who is equally worried about the protection and dignity of his fellow men.

In the present scenario every one in almost every part of the world has been deprived of peaceful life. Most of the nations are indulging in various confrontations. Big powers are after smaller nations. Justice, equality, common brotherhood, sacrifice and such other qualities are merely found in books and have become more abstract ideas. Many of us claim to be true muslims but we are not. Some of us are indulging in such activities that are contrary to the teachings of Islam. We have made it a practice to tell a lie, commit breach of trust and resort to dishonest and fraudulent means if the situation so requires. The only panacea to solve these problems is that we must lead a life strictly in accordance with Quran and Hadith.

Importance of harmony and brotherhood in islam

Islamic principles, have become of paramount importance and more relevant in the present deteriorating global situation when the whole world is divided in various groups; be it on grounds of regions, religion, community, culture or such other considerations, and they are ready for or actually indulging in various confrontations. Communities, professing different religions are pitched against each other because certain vested interests are promoting such tendencies and exalting their respective coriimunities to raise grudge against each other, undoubtedly for achieving their narrow ends.Thus, the situation warrants that the islamic principles pertaining to peace, prosperity, common brotherhood, tolerance, respect for each other, humanity, equality, justice, reciprocal sacrifice etc, should be acted upon so as to have a better society.

Morally and qualities like tolerance, decency sophisticated behaviour etc. have become of secondary importance in this present world and personal interests have assumed primary importance. Such a situation makes us feel that we must adopt islamic values in true spirit and lead a peaceful life.

Ineffectiveness of muslim organisations

By the grace of Allah, various organisations are at work to propagate basic tenets of Islam and they are putting in their best efforts to accomplish their objectives but , to our great disappointment, we do not have any common platform. We are criticizing each other and finding faults just to justify our respective existence. We are having diversity instead of unity. We are having various groups indulged in propagating against each other. Their approach is individualistic and qualities like common brotherhood and unity in diversity are missing. The only reason for such a state of affairs is that out organisations are not applying islamic principles in true letter and spirit. Those who are at the helms of the affairs of these organisations are suffering from inferiority complex. They make tall claims and hold various convention and pass best worded resolutions, but they have hardly made any head way. Its sole reason is that these organisations either follow any particular school of thought or represent some particular group or denomination. The principles, that ought to have been applied and acted upon for all human beings are being applied just to achieve individua ends. It is common knowledge that maximum number of posters containing allegations and counter-allegations against each other do appear almost every day in Muslim localities. All of us claim of Allah every now and then and procure large amounts to establish institutions for the welfare of Muslims, but we have failed to discharge our duties in such a manner that we are acceptable to all sections of the community.

Muslim society and communalism

We, the Muslims, ought to have presented a picture of true unity of others but it was not to be unfortunately, we are divided in various groups, sub groups and denomination, such as, Deobandi, Bareilvi, Ahle-e- Hadith, Shias. etc. Had we been the true followers of Islam, we would have been an eye opener to all. It was possible only when we would not have criticized each other. All of us would have claimed and actually acted as Momins and would not have called our brothers as kaffirs. It would have been the most ideal situation. Had we not drifted away from the path shown to us by the prophet, the people would have taken us in a very high esteem. We claim to be Ummat- e-Muhammed (P.B.U.H.) , but our acts and deeds do presents different picture. In case, we follow the righteous path and apply Islamic principles in true letter and spirit I am confident that we would be an example for others and they would certainly follow suit.

Muslims and their present struggle

India is a democratic country and all citizens enjoy equal rights and the people elect their representives in general elections held after every five years. Constitutionally all sections of the people are at par but practically, some of the weaker sections have not come up and evils like poverty, backwardness, unbalanced development, unequal distribution of wealth, illiteracy etc. are still present in our society and inviting the oppressed classes to carry on their struggle. Muslims are also facing such problems and their faith in authority is declining day by day.

It is the duty of those in authority that they must take remedial steps to keep their house in order. None can deny that Muslims, the biggest minority and the second biggest majority, in India is also facing such a situation. Muslims in general do fell that  they are not getting proper representation in the respective spheres.

Indian muslims in the prevailing situation

Indian Muslims are facing multy-dimentional problems. On one hand certain vested interests are trying to grab their religious places and on the other hand they are not getting an opportunity of equal participation in the process of development. Keeping in view their number, they are not getting proper representation in any sphere and are lagging behind in all walks of life. They cannot make proper use of their potential in fields like education, health, trade, industries, handicrafts etc. for want of proper patronage and proper help from the relevant quarters. Govt. institutions, organisations and authorities have not been equally judicious to them and it is because of it that the biggest minority community of this country has not been able to get its due.

Muslims, islam and community welfare

Muslims, as a community, not only attach utmost importance to their faith, morality, culture, civilization and history but they firmly believe that the welfare of their community lies in following and practicing basic tenets of Islam and it is the only key to success. We, the Muslims, should put in best efforts to preserve our cultural identity and profess our religion in the manner that we remain united not allow us to be divided amongst various groups and denominations.

Lack of knowledge of muslim theology and islamic values amongst common men

A common Muslim gets first hand knowledge of Islam from the Imam of the nearest mosque, Imam provides such information and renders religious guidance to the devotees. An Imam is appointed only after becoming Firaghut Tehsil i.e. after completing seven years course. It is the duty of every Imam that he should apprise Muslims of Islamic tenets contained in Quran, Hadith etc, but, unfortunately, many of us have failed in our mission and are not discharging our duties properly.

It is of great concern that those persons who have been given the title of 'Naib-e-Rasool' have fallen short of expectation. It is the duty of every Imam to provide first hand knowledge of Islam, jurisprudence and hadith and render proper guidance in religious matters to Muslims, but, unfortunately, our Imams have not discharged their duties as responsibly as they ought to have done. They are running after money and away from Islam.

Religious call and reformation of the society

Reformation of Muslim society is possible only by applying basic principles of Islam contained in Holy Quran, Hadith and Sunnah. These objectives can be achieved by the Imams provided they perform their duties honestly and responsibly. Our objective is not to criticise religious personalities. Our sole aim is to lay more emphasis on the duties to be performed and the role to be played by the Imams in the present situation. Imams can, undoubtedly be instrumental in getting these objectives accomplished and they can impart knowledge of Islamic tenets to one and all. Thus, they can play a vital role keeping the society away from the evils damaging the present social structure.

Sayings, doings of prophet muhammed and welfare of the community

It is incumbent upon the Muslim community that they should manage their affairs in accordance with the traditions based on the sayings and doings of the Prophet. Our prophet's life style and whatever he did in his life time was actually the same what is contained in Quran and what is expected of a true Muslim. He would continue to guide us till the dooms day and whenever our community faces any problem because of mutual differences or otherwise his sayings or doings would guide us in selecting the right path for us and would certainly emerge victorious.

Absence of effective organisation

Unfortunately, our innumerable organisations and parties have failed to manage the affairs of the Muslim community and guide them in the desired manner. Individuality continues to have precedence over collectivity. Our people can not and do not repose faith in such organisations. Most of these organisations have positive objectives before them but they have failed to share a common platform. None is to be blamed for it.

Necessity of an effective and powerful organisation

In the present situation Muslim community feels deprived and dejected. It is the need of the hour that we must have an apex body that may inculcate the spirit of sacrifice, common brotherhood and unity, in the minds of Muslims and lead them to the desired destinations in this and the other world. Besides, such organisations must adopt such a course that may revitalise the whole society and may also keep it away from the social evils.The community expects Imams and other religious leaders that they would play a positive role and do what ever they can. It is to be done on warfooting without any loss of time or in other words, it is to be started like a crusade.

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