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Hazrat Maulana Akhlaq Husain Qasmi Sb.
Imam & Khateeb Masjid, Madarsa Husain Bakhash, Delhi
In Islam Mosque is regarded as a place of worship, house of administration of justice, housei'or the profession and preachment and a centre for the association of community and lmam acts as a supervisor and guide of these establishment.

  1. He is the best reader who recites Quran in clear and distinct manner.
  2. He has the knowledge of jurisprudence and decides the disputes of Muslims.
  3. He is a successful preacher who reads the messages of Islam through Quran and Ahadees.
  4. He awakes the spirit of association and discipline among Muslims through offering the progress in time.

What should be education and dignity of a lmam of a ]mam to perform all the aforesaid duties is clear.

During the Islamic regime, it was the duty of state to protect mosques and the office of lmamship and the Caliph performed their duties very well. But when unfortunately the Islam lost the political power, the responsibility we entrusted upon Islamic Wakfs.
In the beginning the government paid due respect to the real cause. of thesewakfs and kept away from any sort of intervention but gradually the Islamic Wakfs were destroyed at the hands of these governments. And now the entire funds of Muslim community are being shared among the members of the party as reward.

Now is there any sensible person who can expect for the welfare from these Wakfs? If by chance some gentlemen are happened to be included in Wakf committees, they try their best and save their skin form humiliation in the next world, otherwise in the meantime on starts behaving like others.

Efforts are being made to take the matter relating to the allowances of the lmams to the High Court. We can make our opinion on the basis of prevailing circumstances and it has been advised suspicious. For this we have the sympathy with all these genuine efforts. The osition of today's lmam had become so inferior that he use to pleas the petty members of Wakf Committees and make the arrangement for household things at the house of Mutayvallis. lnspite of all this, he whole holding the meal pots turned round and round the house - and from inside the house wife angrily says "Muliaji - you have no patience, the meal is not ready, keep the pots at threshold."

Then the pots of this untouchable are removed by a maid servant.
In order to get religious education, the students who are tomorrow's lmams, receive the Sachet and charity form community and they attend the feast on the houses three, ten or forty days after the death.

Then the community repents saying that their prayers have no,effect. Sajda (Bowing in adoration) have become ineffective.

According to lqbal (Urdu Couplets-meaning'That blood is no running our reins now and we also do not possess those inclination to God. Namaz, Roza, Sachet and Haj exists even today but we are not more here'.
These are the extreme feelings which a Muslim can have by having true faith in god and because of the training and education, he receives.
The lmam has these confident feeling echo motto being placed so high to the office of lmamship.

Do the lmam, who passes their days on our Sachet and charity and get a meagre salary of Rs. 1 00/- each have these feelings?

It is necessary for lmam to maintain a good standard in the society Only then he would be able to discharge his duties in the capacity of a Qazi (Judge) and arbitrator in social matters. Do we have any person -in our religious institution from the intelligent class of the community.

Today's government do not al low the Muslim to work even in such a manner, they are going ahead to destroy funds of Wakfs by nominating their committed staff and the faithful workers of their party or incapable persons therein.
Neitherthorn norflowerwill tell the story of the destruction of garden but it is cuckoo who will narrate the entire episode.

I am, perhaps, gong in details.Today's lmams should have at least a standard in this ruined society that he can maintain himself according to the requirements of present time and may establish a place in the society.The society should give him as much respect that he may marry his sons and daughters properly.

Why the people have become so cruel that they get annoyed seeing good clothes on the body of lmam, a good conveyance and good food? Why these people have become so arrogant that they feel happy seeing their lmam inferior to them? Why have they forgotten the message of Prophet.

I pray for the success of Tanzim in its efforts and the lmams may get so much allowance and stipend that they may pass their days respectfully, Ameen and they don't indulge in illegal work in order to feed themselves.

It is a reality that he lmams of mosques have got a very high superior place in Islam. This service have been done by prophet himself throughout his life and after his death all the four caliphs has followed the practice. Scholar in every period have been discharging this duty. The fmams of mosques are not only the lmam but they also keep the mosques inhabitant the provide protection and it is very essential in Shariat.The benefit of education and training is also derived from them, it is the fall of the time that the Muslims have no importance in their hearts forthis dignified place.This is the reason as to why these Imams a facing troubles on social front. Impost days when the government had the system of having Bait-ul-Mal (Public treasury) then the stipends of lmams were also fixed but this system doesn't exist now. Therefore, the scholars of the community have granted permission for the wages of lmams and Muazzins. It is evident that in this period when the prices of commodities are so high the stipends which are being paid, are negligible. So it has become inevitable to take steps for solving their social and economic problems.

May God bless Moulana Jameel Ahmed llyasi who having paid his attention in this field, is taking great responsibilities his shoulders. We pray to God to make his efforts a success and prosper the Tanzim Aimma-e-Masjid so that it may become the channel for the welfare of community and remove all the obstacles coming in the way, Ameen.

(Moulana Mufti) Muzaffar Hussain AI-Mazahiri,
Nazim-Mutawalli, Madarsa Mazahir-ul-Uloom (Wakf)
Saharanpur, U.P

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