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Basic aims & objectives of All India Organization of Imams of Mosques


  • Inter-faith dialogue and exchange program.
  • Intra-faith dialogue (co-ordination between religious personalities representing different schools of thoughts).
  • The Imam Training Course
  • Promotion of human values in society.
  • Removal of social evils from societies.
  • Promotion of mutual harmony.
  • Promotion and involvement of common strategy on basic issues by various religious groups.
  • To ensure effective role of Imams and mosques in the reformation of society and the community.
  • To ensure multi-faceted growth and development of global community.
  • To help in building and nurturing the idea of global citizenship.
  • To ensure development of the country and the nation.
  • To make struggle for accomplishment of basic objectives like national integrity, common brotherhood and equality.
  • To take up problems of community with the State and render all possible assistance in their solution.

Imam Training Course

To boost the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Responsibilities & abilities of Imams:

Imams will need to have in-depth knowledge of the Qur'an as well as the Sharia, the Islamic law set down in the Qur'an and further writings. This helps the imam who works in a pastoral capacity to counsel the people of the area. In-depth knowledge of Muslim history and culture is also expected of these professionals. Imams should also have thorough knowledge of worship methodology. In addition, since imams are leaders and may have people working for them, even if it is on a volunteer basis, imams need to have knowledge of leadership, management, and administrative practices.

Being an imam is a people-intensive job, which means having excellent communication skills is a must. Imams must be able to listen to their people, understand their needs, and respond to them in a meaningful way. Additionally, imams need to have strong organizational and time management skills. Imams should enjoy working with people.

To increase the quality we conduct intense courses for imams and religious leaders. Those who have completed their course received a certificate. Alhamdulillah this initiative significantly increases the knowledge of the deen in various parts of the region. The Imam Training Course, offered by the All India Imam Organization, is a program designed with the intention to help individuals "grow to give back". This course is structured in a way to equip Imams with pragmatic tools they can apply in their daily lives as a leader.

The following are the list of subjects which will cover in "The Imam Training Course":

  • Introduction of the dignities, values & importance of the post of Imam.
  • Non-Profit Management for Faith-Based Organizations.
  • Islamic Finance and Faith Based Wealth Building.
  • Effective Teaching Strategies for Madarsa.
  • Environmental Sustainability from an Islamic Perspective.
  • Faith Based Parenting.
  • Preventing and Resolving Conflict in Marriage: The Islamic Perspective.
  • Faith Based Leadership Foundations and Essentials.
  • Civic Engagement: The Islamic Perspective.
  • Foundations of Faith-Based Entrepreneurship.
  • Understanding of Islamophobia.
  • Special/different topics on Faith Based Community Development.


Central Office:
Imam House, Masjid Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110001
Phones: +91-11-23385777   |   Mobile: +91-9811641786
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
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